I think it is very fortunate for me to be able to participate in Mason’s pathway project, because the pathway project is very important to me and it has given me a lot of help, both from my studies and all aspects of my life. Let me become more familiar with the learning environment in the United States and better and faster integration into the study life in the United States

Pathway was very important to me because it was the first semester I came to the United States. I was very unfamiliar with the entire learning environment and it was difficult to adapt quickly to a new learning atmosphere. The pathway course gave me very good The time of transition allowed me to use this time to adapt to the educational environment in the United States. During this time, I think that many courses have helped me very much. For example, the effective management time learned during the last semester of PROV-501 was very important for my graduate students. It tells us that as a qualified graduate student, how to make reasonable use of time, how to effectively formulate your own study plan, and to reject delays, etc., can help me greatly improve the efficiency of learning, At the same time, we can also arrange our spare time reasonably, enrich our graduate life, and increase our life experience. This gives me a very deep impression. In this course, I learned about Mason Honor code, which is arguably the most important part of my entire learning process. Because the American judging standards are very different from those in China, the United States has stricter requirements for honor code, which requires us to have stricter requirements for writing in the learning process. Having learned about the honor code, I can learn how to avoid this from happening in the future and how to use the knowledge about honor code to ask myself more strictly.

In general, the Pathway course is very helpful for my study and life. It will allow me to better understand the American way of education before entering the class, give me enough time to adapt to my learning environment, and I will learn through the pathway. Let us have more in-depth understanding and study of many aspects of knowledge about listening, speaking, reading and writing. Let me know how to become a truly qualified graduate student in the United States and lay a solid foundation for the professional courses that we are about to enter.