Statement of Purpose

Being a monitor in primary school made me realize for the first time how the management influenced a group and individuals. This also made me realize the importance of management. Effective management can improve the team’s efficiency and increase the team’s cohesion. For example, during a sports meeting at the elementary school, many projects were conducted at the same time, and many students would not know what they needed to do. At this time, I as a monitor can be very good for the students to arrange tasks and find what they need to do their own work. From this point on, I gradually became interested in management. Second, I think the reason for studying for a master’s degree is largely influenced by the family, especially my mother, she is working in the field of management. My mother, as a leader, told me from many aspects about management experience. It made me deeper in my impression of this profession and allowed me to decide on this specialty in the future. My undergraduate major is business administration. From the process of learning, I discovered that I am very interested in this profession because management is a very broad profession. It requires us to master many different areas of skills, such as accounting, statistics, and data analysis also has human resources and so on. This requires us to learn a lot of different knowledge. It is very challenging for me and it is very attractive to me. I want to learn more about management science. Therefore, I chose to continue my master’s degree in management.

My undergraduate study at Shandong University, my undergraduate major is business administration, at the same time, I also completed my second degree in law. Regarding the business administration profession, this is a discipline that studies economic management theory, which mainly includes the internal management of the company and the formulation of business strategy. Through my four-year undergraduate study, I think this has deepened my interest in management. Not only because of the wide range of management expertise, i think the management major is very practical. Through the study of theoretical knowledge, the understanding of modern management methods is strengthened, so that the company’s business management and business decision-making can be carried out more effectively, allowing the company to better survive and develop. This includes the use of many aspects of knowledge, For example, we need to have the knowledge and ability in the economy, human resources, law, etc. This requires us to become professional who can perform management work in various types of enterprises. I once participated in an internship project. In the summer of 2016, I took an internship at a financial services company in Linyi. This was also an unforgettable experience in my management career. I was assigned to the Human Resources Department by the company. This is the first time I went to understand the company’s internal management system, and according to the company’s internal organizational rules and regulations to rationally distribute the company’s internal resources, and effectively integrate and summarize the company’s data. Work is not difficult for me, but it is really an invaluable experience for me to really apply what I learned to the actual work.

Because this is the second semester for me to come to the United States. I just came to the United States very badly to adapt to this new way of learning. Fortunately, after a semester of hard work, I have gradually adapted to the American learning life. This is a challenge for me and an improvement. If I can study at George Mason University Business School, I will do my best to study and pass the graduation exam with excellent results. After I graduated from Mason University, I want to find a part of the work of strategic planning for enterprises. I think that the strategic planning of a company is the core of a company and the brain of a company. Having developed a good plan can allow the entire company to develop in a better direction and make specific action plans. This has higher requirements for managers and is a very significant challenge for me.

The last important part is why I chose to study in Mason. Many of the graduate courses offered by George Mason are very attractive to me. The curriculum not only contains many different directions, but it also allows us to have more extensive use and internships. For example, at the end of the final course, we will have a very rare experience of overseas internships. This not only enriches our internship experience but also challenges our understanding and application of theoretical knowledge. I personally look forward to this. For me, studying management at George Mason University is a very rare opportunity. I will cherish this opportunity very much.

In the future academic plan, I think that many professional aspects require me to continue learning and research. In our course, we will learn a general content, but it will not be particularly detailed. I will continue to study the content of these disciplines in my spare time. For example, we have learned statistics and accounting. I think this is very important for us to be engaged in the management industry in the future. There will be many opportunities to come into contact with these contents in the future, and how to use it flexibly is also a challenge to us. If there is an opportunity, I would very much like to have a CPA certificate, which is a very important certificate. This is another recognition of my academic ability. I hope to have a master’s degree in management successfully at Mason. After graduating, I will be engaged in this profession with a high probability, because I have a keen interest in management since childhood. Being able to do management work is my childhood dream. These are some of the experiences in my management career. I am very good at learning various aspects of knowledge. I am also very interested in management. I hope that I can successfully transfer to George Mason University to pursue a master’s degree.