Plan of study

  1. Introduction

My graduate major is management. I think this is a comprehensive and strong major, which is a study of the basic rules and methods of management activities. Its purpose is to help managers to better improve the company’s order and improve the level of production, better integrate various resources, to achieve efficient management purposes. Management as a cross-disciplinary course covered a wide range, for example, related to statistics, economics, psychology, leadership, technical science and so on. This shows that we need a very comprehensive professional talent so that we can better play their part in the management of the future. The management major not only attaches importance to the academic theory, practicality is more important to the management major. Because our ultimate goal is to better apply the learned theoretical knowledge to our practical life so as to better integrate the available resources around us and accomplish our management objectives more efficiently. With regard to the characteristics of the management major, I think there are several notable disciplinary features in our major: 1. Basics. Management science is the basic law that has been extracted from the general basic management process. Therefore, management science should be the theoretical basis of other branches and disciplines. 2 comprehensive. Management involves a wide range of areas, comprehensive strong, for example, related to sociology, mathematics, psychology, involving the scope of Oolong mixed, but with our major is closely linked. Practicality the ways and means of management are summed up from the daily management process, so they have to serve the practice, so as to make the theoretical basis more credible, or better to help us in life. As a student, in order that I can better understand the use of my own discipline, most of us choose to use the internship to help us understand the content of the discipline. The process of the internship is to examine our combination of theory and practice, the problem of the flexible use of the theoretical knowledge learned, better to learn to use. The reason for this postgraduate course at Mason is that there is a big difference between the educational methods of the United States and China, that China places more emphasis on theoretical education, and the United States places more emphasis on the practicality of knowledge. For example, there are many presentation parts in the American curriculum, which I did not contact within China before. I think this not only exercises students ‘understanding of knowledge but also exercises students’ oral expression and adaptability. Students majoring in science are a very important part because we will have a lot of communication problems in our future work. It is very important to understand how to express our own ideas in a short period of time so that others can understand it. So I chose here, it turns out that learning life here really let me in life and the school has greatly improved.

  1. Academic goals

In order to better accomplish my goals, I like to set myself a few goals before doing things, so that I can know more clearly what I should do at a time, and turn the big ones into smaller ones. Of course, I also have my own goal of studying. I hope I can complete my studies with good grades, and learn to use it in my learning so as to better integrate what I have learned so as to get to work later. Specifically, first of all, I want to pass my current course with honors, which is not easy for me because I am the first to come into contact with a course in the United States and from adaptation to familiarity with the need for a certain process. I gradually adapt to the time of this semester, I believe that the future will be getting better. Second, I would like to improve my oral English better because I was influenced by the original exam-oriented education in China. I was better at reading and writing, but I heard that there was a slight lack of understanding. I hope I can improve my oral English in the remaining period of the pathway. For these two small goals, I think if you want to improve these two aspects is mainly the need to accumulate after class time, as far as possible for our course content to do a good review of pre-class lessons, so we can learn more Good understanding. For their own spoken part of the need for a lot of communication after class time, you need to listen to more practice can be better. In fact, the improvement of the spoken part is not limited to the part that is spoken, but more is to learn to communicate. Because of the same meaning, China’s expression will be different from that expressed in the United States. Therefore, it is also part of how I need to learn how to express clearly in English. I think there is a good chance for me to improve myself when studying at Mason because there are many activities in the school that help us to improve. For example, we have previously attended school activities such as improving communication skills and overcoming procrastination. I think these two small goals are of great importance to my study because a better grasp of professional knowledge will enable me to better adapt to my job in the future and to do my job efficiently. Communication skills can improve work efficiency in future work and reduce unnecessary communication barriers. I expect to accomplish this goal as soon as possible and look forward to making these goals better before the semester begins. I will continue my efforts toward this goal.


  1. Disciplinary Resources
  2. Chapman, C. B;Ward, Stephen. Inc. (2003), Project Risk Management

This book shows us how to define project risks and introduces people’s understanding of risks. Then we told us how to effectively manage the content of the project risk, and also told us how to minimize the risk so that we can raise our awareness of risk aversion.

  1. Michael C. THOMSETT. October 1, (2009), The Little Black Book of Project Management

The Little Black Book of Project Management introduced how to quickly and effectively carry out project management, as well as the latest management techniques and management methods to improve the management efficiency of managers. Help managers set up schedules and let management more convenient and standardized.

  1. J. Weeks; Janis Fisher Chan. March 01, (2004), Taking Control with Time Management

This book is designed for managers. How to effectively use management time is the test of managers’ basic skills. This book tells how to manage such a correct planning work time, improve work efficiency, a clear plan direction.

  1. Mathias Weske. (2012). Business Process Management

This book focuses on the business management process and then examines the items involved in business management. Finally, the business management processes and concepts are summarized. And analyzed the difficulties in business process management, and analyzed and studied the corresponding solutions.

  1. Nicholas Bloom, Renata Lemos, Raffaella Sadun, Daniela Scur, John Van Reenen. (2014). The New Empirical Economics of Management

In this book, we collect and survey the management data of multiple companies and analyze the differences existing between each company. We hope that the relevant experiences can be summed up. The book then put forward high requirements on the quality and quantity of management and gave corresponding suggestions on management.

  1. Greg Fischer. (2011). Access to Finance: A Functional Approach to Supply and Demand.

This paper mainly provides a major description of the financial and business environment for domestic and small business in selected regions. With the development of marketing environment, effective methods, which relates to some popular questions about how people meet their financial requirements—from buying goods in stock for large, medical expenses-other than pay attention on a limited set of financial items.

  1. Svetlana Vukotić; Jugoslav Aničić; Radovan Vukotić. (2017).THE IMPORTANCE OF CONSULTING IN CONTEMPORARY BUSINESS MANAGEMENT.

Two characteristics which emerged in the decision-making of modern business management are uncertainty and risk. The magazine put forwards two corresponding suggestions on management. One is that the management company needs to understand the situation and hire consultants. The other one is to pay attention to the importance of financial auditing.





  1. Course Plan
SPRING 2018 BMGT 613 statistical analysis for management

EAP 507

EAP 510

INYO 096

INYO 502

FALL 2018 (module1&2) BMGT 603 Economics for Successful Firm Management
BMGT 613 Financial Reporting and Firm Analysis            BGMT 662 Management of IT

(module 3&4&5)

BMGT 643 Financial Management in a Global Environment
BMGT 612 Performance Evaluation through Cost Management
BGMT 692 InternshipBGMT 695 Global Business Perspectives OR 7XX Global Selective

BMGT 638 Operations Management
BGMT 623 Marketing and Firm Performance
BMGT 692 Internship or MBA 7XX elective                    BGMT 678 Business Strategy and Firm Leadership
BGMT 695 Global Business Perspectives OR 7XX Global Selective